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Human rights are broadly comprised of civil, political, cultural and economic rights. Most important among them are right to equality and equal protection of law, right to life with dignity, without exploitation and in a healthy environment, liberty to pursue the profession of one's choice to move and settle anywhere in india, freedom of conscience, belief and religion and freedom from untouchability or discrimination based on caste, creed or gender.

It is the duty of the state and all its agencies to protect Human rights of every citizen. In case of violation of Human rights in any manner by any office or agency of the State or failure to protect such rights, the victim or any one else on his/her behalf can approach the Human Rights Commission for redress.

Corruption in India

Corruption is today a worldwide phenomenon. In our own country some people in high positions have been charged for it.

A corrupt person is termed immoral, dishonest and unscrupulous in his dealings .His disregard for honesty, righteousness and truth result in his alienation from society. His treated with contempt, but as erosion of values leads to decadence, remedies for the social malaise remain chusive and so no amount of contempt can eradicate corruption which is a symptom of decadence.

The older system the weaker grows and fails to solve the riddles of life that grows more complex every day. So men lose faith in it and let drift down. At this point corruption takes over and plunges the entire society. After Second World War the old system with all its values was left in a shambles. The crippling effects of the war, the recession and depression, and uncertainties in a faithless world of maimed and moribund encouraged cynicism in a selection of the population.

The selection includes the government official dealing in essential commodities. They found their post-war conditions ideal for fishing in troubled water and getting richer. They formed assort of vicious circle in which moral values and honest intention on longer held value. The flourishing black market in essential commodities, adulteration of even baby-food, fraud/, bribery and economic, political and administrative manipulations with an eye on running profits as brought untold misery to the people.

So one would say the corruption in India has an ancient linage, it is scarified by tradition. The author of the Arthasastra made some remark on government officials of his time which are relevant even today; just as it is impossible not to taste the honey or the poison that finds itself at the tip tongueā€¯ so it is impossible for a government servant not to eat up at last a bit of the kings, revenue. These in the post-war world become only bolder while eating up government money and accept bribes directly and indirectly.

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